How are Lava Beads made?

How It's Made GAJOLA Lava Bracelet

The Lava is a marvel of the power of nature, generated by volcanos and expelled through eruptions, usually at temperatures from 700 to 1,200 °C.

Lava beads are formed from the lava, which is made when a volcano erupts.

Lava stone beads are made up of basalt, which is a type of igneous rock formed during a volcanic eruption.

When it comes in contact with the cool atmosphere of the Earth, it begins to solidify.

As a result, stone beads are formed.

How are lava beads Made - Gajola
Our team is made of artists, blending nature and design to create masterpieces.

They understand the interplay between the materials used to make our bracelets and have mastered the precision of assembling and thought needed to create a jewel that is a reflection of the care and attention given to create it.

A piece of living art that is after all greater than the sum of its parts.

The first time that I took that loop and I put it on it was like entering another place and I really caught my attention all the detail inside the bracelets.

Since I started work on these bracelets, I began very passionate and I got really excited when I saw our first model completed, it was cool.

To build a new bracelet, beads and stones are strictly chosen from a wide range of products.

Materials are ordered, everything from lava stones, chakra beads, steel, gold can be used in a single bracelet, and parts are fabricated.

Then, using special machines ad some tools developed only for Gajola, our artisans get to work putting the stones together.

Let’s take a closer look at what goes on in the workshop with the bracelet maker: the workshop itself is very well lit and organized.

The person can expect to work in a library type of atmosphere: it’s clean, it’s quiet.
the person is able to focus.

The artisan sits at a workbench that is high, closer to the eyes.

It is constructed to make the everyday tasks easier to keep the arms and hands steady.

All of the specialized tools lubricants and any parts needed are close at hand.

Using tweezers, small clamps, screwdrivers and other specialized tools the artisan disassembles, cleans, lubricates, assembles the bracelet.

Every stone is placed with careful precision.

We work only with extremely skilled and specifically trained people because we want to do luxury bracelets at a super high level.

Working with lava stone is a challenge for everyone, because hot parts are very difficult to manage.

I remember the first time I saw a lava stone made, it really blew me out of the water: I was like I don’t think we are gonna be able to do this.

But we just take it a step at a time and once we put that bracelet together and we get it completing for the first time it’s a great feeling.

Lava bracelet making is not for everybody, it takes time and commitment.

This is so tiny and the parts in it are so hot that everything has to be exact.

The skills that are needed to be a lava bracelet maker I would say for one is patience and I actually would say for number two is also patience: you need to have skills such as dexterity, you need to be able to have analytical abilities.

Once all the lava stone are cut by machinery, they are sent to cleaning and quality control.

If they make it through, they go to a “decoration workshop” where they are hand-finished with such attractive flourishes like engraving or patterns such as Chakra colors.

All the necessary pieces are then grouped together and sent to a final bracelet maker, who will start with the main plate and build every bead, stone, and decoration. 

At this point, it becomes alive.

Finally, the bracelet is ready and then, as we say, “you have a Gajola jewel.”

Lava Bracelet making with its blend of art and science is a unique form of expression.It offers people the chance to carry on a fine tradition.

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