The Lava Stone Bracelet: Why You Need One

Lava stone bracelet - why you need one

The Lava Stone Bracelet: an increasingly essential accessory in the modern man style arsenal.

Today we’re going over what makes a lava stone bracelet a cool accessory and why you probably need one, along with how to pick the perfect one in today’s Lava Stone Bracelet post.

So, I have been carrying man bracelets in one way shape or form long before they had a cool name.

I don’t know if you read GAJOLA’s STORY or not, but I am from Naples, and since I left the city to take my master degree, I was feeling nostalgic about it all the time.

I always desired to made something related to Naples, and when I saw these bracelets made with lava stone, I thought they were perfect.

They are related with the Vulcano Vesuvius and the name Gajola comes from a beach near the city.

Not only did I develop my dream but I carried other crap: the bracelet is a sober, elegant and chic: it never goes out of style.

Well, then all of a sudden it started getting popular. Right?

The brand is still new, but you can read many reviews on our facebook page or you can see the pictures of our first customers on our Instagram.

Here the links:

Facebook Page: Click Here

Instagram Page: Click Here

It is a real challenge for me to launch a new brand.

The market is full of bracelets for men and women, and most of them are very beautiful.

It was difficult to find a way to differentiate ourself, but after an hard work I saw something very interesting.

And so now let’s go over some of the common bracelets options that we have and the style benefit of carrying each one.

The first bracelet option is a classic: the anchor.

You know what I am talking about because the web is plenty of anchor bracelets design.

They are classic, widespread.

All right if you wanna be like everyone else.

So, it is a luxurious and unique bracelet? no it’s a common anchor bracelet.

Option number two is a casual bracelet, most diffused among men: leather bracelet.

You probably remember these bracelets weared by men in 90′, and they were also cool for the decade.

Now you don’t see it too many leather bracelets anymore, but someone still trying to sell them to you telling they are cool.

Are we in 1992?

No. Then take it off.

Did you got a key what are you going to do now?


You’re going to discover the one bracelet you must wear, whatever the occasion.

There are a ton of different styles and options for the modern stylish bracelet.

so is this a cool bracelet?

No. This is a modern stylish bracelet that you wear to your dates, your precious nights.

Exactly, Gajola is a stylish bracelet who has no chances to be confused with something cheap, boring and inadequate.

This is for everything else so here’s a deal: as dudes we are carrying more and more crap with us on a daily basis.

Buy now yours, they’re going quick!


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