Gajola. The Story Behind Our Name

Gaiola Island is one of the minor islands of Naples and it takes its name from the cavities that dot the coast of Posillipo.


Gaiola Island
Gaiola Island
Naples’s legend has considered Gaiola a “cursed island”, which with its beauty hides a “restless fate,” , the “Gaiola Malediction.”
The island is not so far from the Mount Vesuvius, one of the most dangerous volcanoes, and we really appreciate the link with our lava stone bracelets.
As you can see, we are a new brand and we decided to spread the word by giving away our first 100th bracelets.

Giving away free bracelets sounds like a crazy idea.

Why would anyone give away free stuff?

These are legit questions that pop up in your mind when hearing about our campaign.
What’s in it for us you might ask? Is this a scam of some sort?
Of course not…
We’re using our budget to cover the costs of the bracelets and offer them for free (for a limited time, of course) instead of paying for traditional advertising to create direct sales.
Here’s “the catch”…
We are sure you will absolutely LOVE the bracelets and wear them a lot.

People will ask “where you got them?”, and you answer will be “from Gajola!”

This will create word of mouth advertising, which is far more powerful than traditional advertising.
When this campaign is over, the bracelets will return to their regular prices. So the people you refer to us will have to purchase them.
Makes sense now?

What about the quality of the bracelets?

In order for this campaign to work, we need you to wear the bracelets so people will ask about them.
Think about it…
If they weren’t great, you wouldn’t wear them and you wouldn’t recommend us.
That would result in a colossal waste of money for us. Why would we want to lose money?

I’m afraid to pay online, is this safe?

It’s 100% safe.
In fact we don’t even have access to your payment details. All payments are processed by a third party authorized payment processor.
They use the latest generation encryption protocols and safety measure that only the top scientists even understand.
You can’t be safer than that.

So this is all legit?

We took the time to explain what’s going on. Why on earth would we do that if we had any hidden agenda?
We would’ve just ignored your concerns, pretending there are none, like some of our competitors do.
And now you understand why this is not a “too good to be true deal”, it’s just a promotion where everyone gets something in return (you get a free bracelet, we get future customers from you).
Ready for your free bracelet now?
Buy now before they’ll go! We have a limited stock.

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